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Adding Sass is one of the first things most developers do when starting an application. Writing in plain CSS can be done, but Sass provides much more power with features like:

  • Variables
  • Nesting
  • Math
  • Mixins
  • Functions
  • Imports
  • And More

Add Sass to Create React App using a single line: yarn add node-sass

For the official docs, check out the Create React App guide.

Steps to Add Sass

The steps to add Sass to Create React App are:

  1. Install node-sass: yarn add node-sass
  2. Convert your .css to .scss
  3. Import your .scss files in your React components like App.js

Install node-sass

Here's a deeper dive. In order to add Sass to a Create React App application, we need a single command:

# using npm
npm install node-sass --save

# using yarn
yarn add node-sass

Renaming .css to .scss

Once you have that, we can rename our App.css to App.scss.

Import the .scss File

In our App.js file, we can import the Sass file using the .scss extension.

import './App.scss';

Once we restart our yarn start command, we can see that our Sass file is imported!


Create React App allows us to extend it with a quick command!

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