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Why I'm Switching to YouTube from Twitch for Live-Coding

A few months ago, I started live-coding and streaming on Twitch. It was an experiment to get closer to the community and give back to let people see my coding/writing/editing process. I wanted to show off all the things I do when building ...

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Deliver the Perfect Image to Every User with Cloudinary

Cloudinary makes delivering perfectly sized and cropped images easy....

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Easily Deploy a Serverless Node App with ZEIT Now

Deploy a Node APp using ZEIT Now. Explore important tips to note when deploying a node app....

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Open-Source IP Geo-location API

Geo-location is the identification or estimation of the real-world geographic location of an Internet-connected computer terminal or device. Basically, we can get location data from their IP address. Geo-location offers a lot of advantages and increase level of customization to a we...

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