We'll be using the Angular 2 starter kit we created for the Getting Started with Angular 2 course.

The starter kit does a lot of things for us like:

  • Bring in all the dependencies we need
  • Set up our dev environment
  • Compile TypeScript to JS
  • Load imports using System.js


Go ahead and fork the repo or clone it down.

Table of Contents

    git clone git@github.com:scotch-io/angular2-starter-basic ng2-routing

    Then we can install all our dependencies:

    cd ng2-routing
    npm install

    Note: There may be some warnings for dependencies. All is still well.

    Now we can start our app:

    npm start

    You can then see your app at http://localhost:3000. This will be our base for getting started.

    We already have @angular/router installed in the package.json file and we have it ready to go.

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