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    ccording to the ReactJS website, React is "a JavaScript library for building user interfaces." It allows developers to create interactive UIs using a simple declarative syntax, keeping everything as reusable as possible by encouraging the breakdown of views into small, manageable components. It is backed by Facebook and a vibrant community of open source developers who work hard to keep React fast while not sacrificing readablity and usability.

    In this series, we will go over many of the important aspects of building an application in React. We will be building a small weather application, keeping everything organized in small components. We will discuss best practices and even see and discuss the differences between different implementations. Let's get into it!

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    Developing is not only my job but also my passion. I love to teach myself new things as much as I love teaching others. The more people we get involved in this little thing we call "web development," the better we can make it. I mean, we always need more cat videos, right?