Angular and the Angular CLI allow us to build single page applications (SPAs) extremely quickly.

Thanks to all the built in features of Angular, we can hit the ground running and focus on the things that make our sites/apps unique.

Let's see how we can leverage Angular and all it's features to build and deploy an Angular website.

Table of Contents

    What We'll Learn

    We'll learn about lots of the Angular built-in features including:

    • Using the Angular CLI
    • Generating components and pages
    • Routing to those pages
    • Overall best practices for organizing Angular applications
    • Using the HTTP library to get data
    • Using the ReactiveForms library to process a form
    • Deploying to production using Firebase

    What We'll Build

    We'll build a website that has the following pages and features:

    • Home: basic page
    • Contact: show and process a form
    • Users: lazy loaded. pulls real data from GitHub

    Requirements and Prerequisites

    Before we get started, let's lay down some good tools and knowledge to have under our toolbelts.

    • Node and npm
    • A command line (Windows) or Terminal (Mac)
    • Some knowledge about HTML/CSS/JS

    That's it! We'll cover a lot of the Angular basics, the Angular CLI, and more!

    If you want to have a bit more foundation, check out our courses:

    Let's get started!

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