Build a Twitter Clone With Adonis and Vue

⚗️ What You'll Learn

  • How to use AdonisJs
  • Building an API with Adonis
  • Building a frontend with Vue
  • Consume an API with Vue

💎 What You'll Build

  • An AdonisJs API
  • A Vue frontend

📚 59 Lessons

Is this course for me?

This course is for you if you:

  • Understand the basics of JS and ES2015
  • Understand the basics of Async programming
  • Understand the basics of Node.js
  • Are a developer with experience working with other Node.js frameworks but wants to learn AdonisJs
  • Want to build real apps with AdonisJs
  • Understand the basics of Vue
  • Want to build real apps with Vue

Chimezie Enyinnaya

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