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Dev Deals & Discounts

Exclusive special "Scotch Discounts" we've setup with partners of the various tools we like to make you an awesome developer.


The Best Email App Around
Get 30% Off
What the heck is it?

Pay for email? Psfffff! That's what we used to think too before trying out Front. Front is not just an email client but a productivity powerhouse for individuals or teams - it doesn't matter. It's like all the greatest email features you'd want in one location.

Why Scotch Loves Front
  1. Collab w/ others via "Team Inboxes" (or not)
  2. Universal Single Inbox (with tons of control)
  3. Out of the box Email Tracking Pixels
  4. Perfectly synced Desktop, Mobile, Tablet app experience
  5. Bunch of seamless supercharged email integrations into other products like GitHub.

The Scotch Deal

We've partnered with them to help you try them out without blowing up your budget. The agreement landed at:

  • 14 Day FREE Trial
  • 30% DISCOUNT
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Or use code "scotch" at Signup.


Amazing Image Processing via CDN
Get 15% Off
What the heck is it?

All Scotch images are served and processed by Cloudinary. Saves us tons of time on processing and speeds up our site immensely from size/quality optimization.

Why We Loves Cloudinary
  1. Super fast CDN
  2. Complex Image processing via URL
  3. Amazing API and Dev Resources

The Scotch Deal

  • 15% DISCOUNT
Get the Deal

Or use code "scotch" at Signup.

Our Bigger Picture Plan

This whole "Deals & Discounts" thing is still in the works. Just to provide clarity, we don't want this to be a gross ad dump of spam affiliate links. We are trying to find affiliate deals... but only with actual products / services / people that would be useful to you.

Eventually we'll establish more partners and have this hopefully be a cheap launchpad for developer resources and/or your business money-maker life stuff.