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Vue for the Real World

Want to learn 2019's hottest JS framework?

Launching June 27th
Learn Vue by building real-world apps.
A simple no-fluff approach.

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Learning That's Straight to the Point

Vue with ES5/ES6? Vue CLI? Vue UI? Deploying to production?

🎓 ES5 -> ES6

Vue is unique in that you can use only ES5 or take advantage of ES6 (new version of JavaScript) features. We'll cover all levels.

💪 Build Real Apps

We won't leave you hanging with bits and pieces of scattered code. We'll walk you through building an entire application from setup to deployment.

👓 Components

Vue's components have a very specific structure with template, Vue instance, and styles. We'll break down all the parts in a component.

🖖 Component Architecture

How you lay out your application's components is a big part of success. We'll explore parent-child component relationships and how to pass data up and down the component tree.

👽 Connecting to an API

Connecting to an API is one of the most important things a JS app will do. We'll connect to APIs and see how best to organize our files.

👑 Routing

Routing is versatile and built-in. With features like lazy-loading, child routing, and more, it's easy to build large scale apps.

💼 Forms and Validation

Vue makes it incredibly easy to build and validate. We'll examine how to use forms in real apps for things like login/registration/payment.

👍 Deployment Apps

Once you build an app, the next thing to do is deploy it so the world can see! We'll examine deploying to multiple environments.

👾 Much More...

This barely covers the topics. We'll be using much more Vue and building real world apps to learn.

Complex topics are made simple!

Meet the Authors

From the creators of Scotch.io and authors of MEAN Machine

Chris Sevilleja (@chrisoncode)

Chris is the founder of Scotch.io and is very passionate about teaching the best coding techniques.

He understands that the JS world is both fun and challenging since things are moving so fast.

Holly Lloyd (@hollylawly)

Holly is a full-stack developer with a focus on JS.

She has a background in computer science and has built production-level real-time Vue applications for several great companies.

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