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World Broadened By Developing the World Wide Web

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WWW are the 3 Ws we can find on the address bar of some of the websites we visit and they meant for World Wide Web. After establishing any website with the particular name we can find those 3 Ws as a part of the link. Website development involves in constructing and administrating the websites. The development of the website involved in programming that helps in enabling the website functionality according to the owner’s requirements. The web developers commonly refer to the non-design aspects of building the website. It is a general opinion that the website development is totally dealing with the technical aspects of the website. The web development includes process of client- side scripting, server-side scripting and database technology. The process of web development The web development is the back-end of the website, the web development can be done in 3 stages and they are

1.Client- side Scripting

2.Server-side Scripting and

3.Database technology 

Client Side Scripting

The client-side scripting will create a user interface, with which the user can interact. It is all about creating the web applications by using the languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Jquery etc. The web applications will execute themselves within the browser of the computer. For example saving the data within the cookies, flash games or maybe the other mode of interactive applications. The client side developing creates the interactive web page. It is responsible to send the request to the server and get the data from the server. Any programming language which can run on a client device and interacts with the remote server can be recognized as a client-side language. The tasks of the client-side scripting are • Manipulating the User Interface elements

• Pertaining the styles

• If you don’t wish to refresh the page often then to avoid that it performs some calculations.

• Validating the input

• Animation

Server Side Scripting

It responsible for creating the framework, a technique helps in creating the backend of a website. The framework will permit the database to communicate with the web browser on the web server. The developer will embed the code in your website that enables you to fetch the info if someone visited your site. The server will be able to display the set of images or information. The code written for server side will be more secure as the source code cannot be accessible by the visitors. The server-side scripting can be developed with the languages such as java, PHP, Python, C, Ruby, ASP.NET and much more.

The tasks of the Server Side Scripting

• Builds the page which can be finally seen by the user.

• Stores the constant data like user profiles, mybook pages, instatweets etc

• The code written cannot be seen by the website viewer.

• Responses only to the HTTP requests and not for any other type of inputs.

Database technology

It is a mandatory skill a web developer must have. As we know a website consists of the images, code, files and many other data and there is a need of container to store the details of all types of data, that container name is a database. For web based applications the RDBMS is the well-known database. And some of the examples are as below. • MySQL • IBM DB2 • Oracle • Microsoft SQL Server • Apache • MongoDB

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