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How To Start Mobile App Reseller Business?

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Have you already earned money with your app? There are several ways to earn money with your mobile application. Although mobile visitors can now be served very well with a responsive website, but mobile Apps still remain popular. Ask anybody how many apps are on his or her smartphone. You will be amazed at the amount and number of different types of apps on the device. The good thing is that now you can earn money with mobile app reseller business.

How To Start Your Own App Reseller Business?

Because of the broad range, apps are an interesting way to make money. One way to make money from your app is through advertisements. There are more than 1,600 advertisers from which you can choose.

• Mobile App Earnings Model

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    It is settled on the basis of a sale (CPS) or lead (CPL). Sometimes advertisers also count on a click (CPC). These are applications that generate a lot of visitors and have added value for the advertiser. The advertiser often invites this publisher. It is about the proven quality of the app. If you are just starting, that is usually first on CPS / CPL basis.

    • Types Of Promotions To Use

    Depending on the type of app and the target audience, apps may periodically increase in popularity. Play on the conscious periods for example, apps for holiday. It is important that you trigger the purchase intent of the consumer. After all, you count on the basis of a sale or lead. So choose something that suits your target group. With real-time tracking, you can immediately see what you deserve as a publisher. Every sale or lead that is put there is reflected in your own publisher interface.

    How Does Cross-Device Matching Help Monetize Your App?

    Visitors can first orient themselves and then make a purchase via a tablet or desktop. Normally you will lose the compensation for redirecting the visitor if you assume the last click count principle. But, no new click is made when the consumer goes directly back to the advertiser. This is because a visitor sees an advertisement on his mobile phone and clicks on it ("last click"). This click does not immediately lead to a conversion. The visitor decides at a later stage to visit the website of the advertiser directly via the laptop (transaction). This does lead to a conversion. Thanks to the unique technology of Mobiroller reseller program, you can reduce the load click and grant the fee to the publisher. Your app!

    • E-Mail Functionality

    You can also choose to build in an e-mail functionality. You might think that What do I have here?? The visitor sees the ad in the app, but now has no time for it. Just with a simple click, the visitor can read the offer later in his / her e-mail. The publisher gives an affiliate link in the mail that is sent. Once the visitor converts, you can easily measure the transaction in the traditional way - last cookie count principle.

    • Log In As A Publisher

    First, you have to create a publisher account in Mobiroller app resellers and indicate a media. If you already have an account, add a media. Of course, you want your app to be approved by as many advertisers as possible so that you can promote their campaign.

    Become A Mobile App Reseller

    Why Is Mobiroller A Good Partner For Me?

    • Personal support
    • Technical support
    • Real-time tracking of more than 1,600 advertisers
    • Cross-device matching (from your mobile to your tablet/desktop)
    • International network
    • Advance payment scheme

    Are you planning to create an app soon or do you already have an app? Create your apps for free without coding skill and make money by selling these apps to your clients. More Detail Aout Mobile App Reseller Business, Visit: