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How Oracle E-Business Suite Can Benefit Your Business

Priya Jatoliya

ITIL is a service process which describes the processes, actions, during the phenomenon of design, development, delivery and support of IT services. Any business, today, comprises of numerous IT services and actions and delivering those with standards to the satisfaction of customers and at the same time keeping a business sense is what is called well managed IT services. ITIL architecture in an organisation or in an IT company sets a specific standard, which means that the service deliveries will always be under well-defined norms, with best practices, under stipulated timelines and to the best satisfaction of the end users. Acquiring the ITIL architecture ensures, for the organisation, reduced cost of service and deployment, increased productivity, better quality, highly managed infrastructure, flexibilities in incorporation, and the last but not the least enhanced customer satisfaction the first time and every time.

This is why organisations hire professionals with “ITIL Certification” and these professionals enjoy a highly paid, respected and demanding career. Hence passing the ITIL Certification Examination is essential for anyone who aspires for such a respectable, bright and magnificent career. Let’s explore some points which will ensure high success rates of clearing the exams on the first attempt.

A.Effective revision, practice or Guide- The old saying – Practice makes a man perfect is universal truth and stands true here also. You must refer a good guide to ITIL Exams as they will provide you well designed content for passing the exams. They will clear the concept of ITIL and you can attempt questions in the guide followed by a self assessment which will state the preparedness. Thorough study of this guide or examination paper will give you a complete effective revision and will groom you to clear the ITIL Certification exams on the first attempt.

B.Understanding the Questions- Do not assumes any word in the question, read thoroughly each question and the answers as well. There are possibilities that the question is simple but has been asked in a tricky manner to complicate it. Your thorough reading of the guide will help you here, as that is where you get your concepts of ITIL concepts cleared.

C.Clarity of Abbreviations and Concepts- ITIL Certification uses a lot of abbreviations which are basically methods or concepts put in short. Questions asked on these concepts usually have words or phrases which may give you some hint which can help you reach the correct answer. To further clarify you may read the following –

1.If the question is directed towards “customer service” it may be asking you question on – “Service Strategy”.

2.If the word “Negotiate” is used the question may be directed towards “Service Level Management Process” as the SL Manager usually negotiates for – SLAs, OLAs, UCs or things related to them.

3.You may start thinking of “SACM- Service Asset and Configuration Management” when the word “relationship” is used in the question.

D.Do not mix your known concepts- Usually a biased approach is used by candidates as they try to answer based on what they have experienced or experience in their organisations. You must understand that the ITIL Certification exam is an assessment of how much you understand the concept of ITIL and not what you experience. Hence you should answer keeping in mind only ITIL and its concepts and nothing else.

E.Easy First – Thorough reading of the examination paper will tell you the easy and the difficult question. Attempt the easier one first and then go for the difficult ones. Though you must attempt all the questions but answering this way will help you attempt all of them with better scoring.

F.Basics of any Examination- In ITIL Certification examination, just like any other exam, candidates tend to get nervous hence they must be motivated, keep their calm, take proper diet and rest during the preparations, reach the examination location before time, and stay focussed. Don’t get carried away if it seems that you know most of the answers, maintain the balance and put your logical thinking caps on to answer.

The very important thing you should keep in mind is your self confidence and determination which will for sure lead you to passing the ITIL Certification examinations in the first attempt.

Priya Jatoliya

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