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Exciting Tools for Building Mobile Apps on your Own


Mobile is the biggest platform in the history of mankind. – karthee and Qualcomm How much does it cost always be a big question among people? If you are ever wanted to build an app for your website or business and blog, but the high investment both cost and time put you off, you are not alone. For developing an app, you will have to hire a mobile app development company or developer. This process is may be very expensive and time-consuming. But Good news is that entering in the mobile market no need of thousands of dollars, no need of coding knowledge for creating your own app. There are many mobile platforms where you can develop your own app and offer your customers a dedicated mobile experience. These platforms help you to build your app in your budget with no coding knowledge.

Choosing a Mobile app development platform is not an easy task my dear! We bring you 5 mostly used and best mobile app platform for creating an app that will save your money, time and energy. Here is a list of the best mobile platforms:

  1. (start for free and go up to $180 per month) Appery is a cloud based app building platform. You can create app for iOS, Android, Windows phone. You can connect it very easily with 3rd party API’s. It provides drag and drop functionality to create user interface.

  2. MobileRoadie: (start at $149 and go up to $799 per month)

MobileRoadie is a Geo based mobile app development platform. Anyone can create and manage their own app. MobileRoadie support all media format. It also gives you a facility to create a custom design for your app. With customization, you can get a personalized touch.

  1. AppBuilder: (Price available upon request)

Through AppBuilder you can build app in a flash. This platform offers a suite of app to suit clients and employee with two different approaches. First you can build your own app using online tool kit or second TheAppBuilder give 30 mint training and work with you. It provides support helps to develop cost- effective app.

  1. Good Braber: (start at $16 and go up to $32 per month)

Good Braber is one of my best mobile app platform offer an interface to build Android and an iPhone apps. It has 9 amazing template, 300 above icons and access to over 550 Google fonts you can easily customize its templates. The best part of this platform is you can take complete control over your app details. You can also link the app with your own brand website.

  1. Appy pie: (start at free and go up to $33 per month) One of the fastest growing app building platform in the mobile market. It provides a wide range of feature and allow users without programing knowledge to build an app for iOS, Window and Android. It is also a cloud based app builder just like Appery.