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Exciting Tools for Building Mobile Apps on your Own


Being a professional app developer, there will always be this one dilemma before you develop an app – whether to develop the app for Android platform or iOS?

With so many blogs and articles being available on this topic by the experts, you would be expecting to find a solution for your iOS or Android problem by now. But let me tell you that nobody has ever reached a conclusion for this.

And this is because there is no straight forward answer to this query. Both the Android and iOS platforms are incomparable as both have their own pros and cons and both have their own set of audience.

Though it is recommended for the consumer apps to be developed on one platform first to provide the users a native experience, there are many cross platform frameworks available for the developers now to enable them to create an app for both Android and iOS with minimal need of changes in the coding.

Today, we are going to talk about the top 10 cross platform frameworks on our list that you can use depending on your requirements. And trust me! These frameworks are really compelling because of the benefits that they have to offer.

PhoneGap The framework by Adobe is truly a cross-platform app development tool in every sense. By using this, you cannot not only create apps for Android and iOS but also for Windows and Blackberry. Also software development kits (SDKs) are maintained by the tool for all the platforms, hence eliminating one thing from your list of worries and tasks. The resource is available free and if you are a first time developer, you won’t find a better tool than this to translate codes from CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript. What else do you need? Well, it also provides you the option to share the app with your squad members for reviews and feedback.

Sencha Sencha lets the developers to create the apps in HTML5 and though they have many products, their most important product is Ext Js 5. Now, you cannot call Sencha a translation tool, but you can use it can save your time while writing coding as it comes with some pre-designed components.

Appcelerator Titanium Being an open source tool, you have hundreds of developers contributing in fixing the bugs of the system, hence making it better at functioning. Titanium creates native Android and iOS apps by reusing 60%-90% of the same code that you create for the apps, therefore saving a huge amount of your time.

Cocos2d If you are developing a two-dimensional game then Cocos2d is the right tool for you. It offers 5 different platform options to develop the app on and you can use any depending on your language preference (C++, C#, Xcode and Objective-C, JavaScript, Python).

Unity 3D An all-inclusive gaming engine which will ensure that you have incredibly amazing graphics, Unity 3D allows you to do much more than just simple translations. Once you have developed your code in Boo, UnityScript or C#, the game can be transported to 17 platforms including Android, iOS, Playstation, Windows, box, Web, Linux and Wii. It also helps with distributing the gaming app to apt stores, track user analytics and gain social media shares.

Corona With its programming language being Lua that is written in C, you can begin with the coding of your app in Corona within 5 minutes after the downloading is completed. Rather than having to creating the code from the scratch, you can optimize 2D gaming graphics at a 10 times faster speed.

Qt A subscription based tool, Qt allows you to code in C++. You can then export the app to various platforms where you desire to develop. You can also check the app’s functioning at different devices and platforms to know how it is working and respectively make the alterations required. Well, the best part is that you don’t have to own the different testing devices.

Xamarin This is the tool that the big names in the industry including IBM, Microsoft and Foursquare have adopted. Using C# and Ruby for coding, Xamarin lets you to test the app virtually on almost 1,000 devices. It also allowed you to test and monitor performance of the app along with providing the app store delivery feature.

Alpha Anywhere Though this tool comes with a price tag, it provides the first time developers a step-by-step video tutorial to help them get everything right. Besides, it gives you many options in terms of programming languages including JavaScript, C++, VB.NET, Xbasic or .NET supported languages such as C++ and Cobra.

5App 5App provides you data security while you develop code in JavaScript and HTML5 before exporting the app to iOS or Android. The only this is that you require to get in touch with their team before you can get started with the platform, which is compensated with the ease of use and productivity commitments they offer you in return.

Every tool is having its distinct feature and can be used to develop different categories of apps. Just keep one thing is mind – Your system should be updated to the requirements of the cross platform tool that you are choosing to use.