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Indispensable Productivity c for Every Business Tycoon

Smith Felix

Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as one thinks, it needs an expertise in the specific fields of business. They must aware about other fields to improve their business growth. Nowadays, business professionals ought to know about the recent techniques and methodologies for the development. Most of the entrepreneurs are high-tech-savvy, who uses a lot of applications on mobile phones and the web to increase their productivity. Some of the mobile applications will be highly beneficial for the entrepreneurs to run their business on a low budget. There are plenty of mobile apps that help the business person to organize and develop the trade. Entrepreneurs have to travel a lot. It is difficult for them to keep the traveling details in one place. Some of the travel apps are available in the Play store that makes the process easy to the entrepreneurs. In the same way, business professionals have to organize all their tasks in an effective manner, which can be made easy by using organizing mobile apps. The varieties of apps are available for various purposes like travel apps, business apps, organizing apps and more.

Productivity apps


Evernote is a high rated productivity app used by most of the companies because of its excellent features. This app allows the user to create notes, organizing the information and archiving the files. It can be available for free, but entrepreneur may use premium version for various reasons.

This note can be of different formats such as a voice message, a web page excerpt or full web page, text, a handwritten note or a photograph. It will provide automatic online synchronization and backup facilities to the users. Evernote can be compatible with Android, iOS and Web.

Wunderlist is another app which is similar to the Evernote. This app is used to create a listing of the users’ tasks on mobile devices and desktops. It can also available as a free app for iPad, iPhone, and the Web. .

•Drop Box

Drop box is an online file storage developer, which provides personal cloud, file synchronization, client software and cloud storage to the users. While using drop box, users have to create a unique folder on their devices which can be synchronized automatically in the drop box account and the content can view on any devices. Drop box reduces the to and fro emailing process; it also simplifies the process of sharing documents with the team. The version control feature helps the user to share the updated version with the team in a convenient manner.

Travel apps

• TripIt

TripIt is an essential travel app for business professionals, which organizes all the traveling details into a single itinerary. The user has to send their all confirmation emails of air tickets, hotel bookings and meeting venues to the official email of TripIt to get the organized schedule.

• Uber

Uber is an online transportation company that operated the Uber mobile app and it allows the user to get a cab in quick and convenient manner. The user has to book the taxi through the mobile app and it will show the nearest available Uber taxi. It also provides black car service, which can be used by the entrepreneur to reach the meeting. It also offers taxi at quite a low cost than their competitors.

Management apps

• Remember the milk

Remember the milk (RTM) is a widely used task and time management program to track all the programs. It is inexpensive and provides high flexibility to the users. Multiple task lists can be created where each task organized by tags. It has the facility to put off the tasks and it notifies the users about the number of times the schedule has been postponed. It is integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and some other services. The app can be easily optimized and GTD (Getting Things Done) style system can be implemented. If the user uses the app more than once a day, they have to pay 25 dollars per year for synchronizing among many devices. It can be compatible with Android, Web and basic iOS devices.


Clear is one of the management apps that gesture-based, which is easy to use and capable of being justified. This app allows the user to build a new list and manage it efficiently. It offers the user to organize their daily tasks and can sync with the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple Watch and Mac desktop. It costs 9.99 dollars for desktops and 4.99 dollars for iOS devices.

Payment Apps


PayPal is one of the largest online payment companies that support money transfer via the internet. It will integrate the users’ debit, credit and other financial details to the respective PayPal account. It will operate as a third party company for payments to auction sites, online traders and some other commercial consumers. It charges the fees for the online transactions and the PayPal’s merchant service is free of cost. The merchant service allows the user to accept PayPal and credit cards on the site or in store.


Expensify is a travel and expense mobile application to manage expense reports for both personal and commercial use. Users have to link their debit card and credit card details to their Expensify account; which in turn prepare the expense report within few minutes. The user can take photos of the receipts using mobiles; that will draw out the relevant details to prepare the report. It costs nine dollars per month for every team of corporate users and for team users it costs about 5 dollars. Custom pricing can be available for the enterprises with above 1,000 workers. The app is compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry and all desktop versions.

Organization mobile apps


Trello is a freemium, web-based project management software that follows the workflow of each team. In Trello, projects are termed as ‘boards’, which has lists. The user can create task or assignment on a Trello board, which denoted as cards. It allows the user to extract attachments from Dropbox, Google Drive or from the computer. The user can add due dates, comments, checklists, labels and members while making a card. Whenever the user changes assignments or cards, Trello informs all the members via mobile devices and emails. This app has some additional feature includes the integration with other mobile apps like Evernote and Slack. The app runs on Android and iOS devices for free, where enterprise version is cost about 20.83 dollars per month. The cost of business version is 9.99 dollars for a single user for every month.


Proven is a job hiring platform for small businesses and used by more than 1,000 small enterprises. This app allows the companies to post their job postings to different job portals with a single click. Hirer can classify the applicants into various categories, either select or reject the candidates. Proven is very much useful for companies that hire employees on an occasion like retails, hotels and more. The download of this app is free on Android and iOS devices. Companies have to pay to use the platforms and the cost depends upon the number of posts and type of boards in which they want to post the job listings. The price for a single posting starts from 40 dollars to 60 dollars and the increase in the number of posts will reduce the cost per listing.

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