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Best Apps Web Designers should Know About


Applications make it easier for web designers to put their inspiration to use on the go. Because, when inspiration hits, you don’t always have the time to head back to the office or home to apply it on the website or app you are currently working on. And besides, anything that makes a designer’s job easier to do is worth its weight in gold. If you are a web designer, the applications in this list can help you improve your craft:

1 - Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe is well known for its robust desktop applications. So, when it released a user friendly app that brings the same experience to mobile, the design community rejoiced. The Adobe Illustrator Draw app is great tool for designers to capture and sketch their ideas which they can expand later on Photoshop or Illustrator.

This app comes with a slew of functionalities for designers who prefer to illustrate their ideas before they put them into action. And it is great for vector artwork with drawing and image layers. You can also use it to send your work to programs like Photoshop CC or Adobe Illustrator CC.
Adobe Illustrator Draw is available for download on iTunes.

2 - Evernote

The Evernote app is one of the most popular one for designers. With so many ideas and inspirations floating around your head, it can be hard to remember them with nothing to put them down. This application gives your memory a break by storing all the ideas you put down in it in the cloud. You can always access the app later to view your ideas later.

Website designers often have to deal with clients and the simple pen and pad approach isn’t always effective in recording discussions. In addition to meeting notes, many designers also use the app to plan out how they like their projects to turn out. Examples include journey maps at each stage of development to product queries.

The Evernote app is available for iPad, Android and the iPhone besides desktop.

3 - Rgb Color Picker

When it comes to infusing emotion in design, the importance of color cannot be denied. Everything from the color of your web pages to your tabs has an effect on visitors. It influences user journeys. For example, designers are careful about choosing the colors for their call to action buttons to ensure that the people who visit their micro website can find them in case they want to make a purchase.

Achieving the right color combinations is key in web design, which is why applications like Rgb Color Picker make great additions to any web designer’s toolkit. With this app, you can quickly find the colors you need on the go.

RGB is available for download on Google Play.

4 - Font Studio

Web designers know that if their work is to be successful it must stand out from the crowd. To do that, every aspect must be unique. The type of fonts they use also makes a part of this plan. Choosing fonts with the same typographic styles that everyone else is using won’t do. This is where tools like Font Studio can be really helpful.

The Font Studio application offers users a choice of around 120 stunning fonts for your photos. All of the fonts are hand-picked. Plus you can also improve the text with some basic editing. Font looks too dull? Adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast to make it shine.

5 - Autodesk Graphic

This is an amazing illustration iPad app for designers and artists. It's a bit pricey but considering the perks it has on offer, is well worth the expense especially if you want to polish up your designs when you don’t have your work desk handy.

For designers, the coming up with brilliant designs isn’t always a matter of having the right ideas, it is also a matter of having the right tools for the job. The Autodesk Graphic app has everything you need from a pen tool that allows you to create customized shapes and rulers, canvas scale and units to ensure that your dimensions are precise. Of course, if you would rather stick to tradition, the app also offers the classic brush and pencil tools that you can use to illustrate your ideas.

Font Studio is available for download on iTunes.

6 - Timesheet

Every project has a deadline and web design projects are no different. A deadline ensures that your tasks are on track but sometimes, you need an easier way to track how much time you spend on particular tasks at any given time. This is why Timesheet is an app that deserves a place on this list.

As the name implies, Timesheet is a time tracking app that allows you to do anything that will help you manage your project better like adding notes, tracking your expenses during certain periods of time and even record the breaks you take in between. Any records you make with the app are easily importable to programs like Excel and even Dropbox. Timesheet is available for download on Google Play.

7 - Invoice Simple

Most designers depend on their craft for their livelihood. And anything that can help them deal with the financial aspects of their work and make it more manageable is welcome. This is why the Invoice Simple should be in every designer’s virtual toolkit.

Designers and developers know that a professional approach makes a good impression on clients. You can use Invoice Simple to send estimates of your work and invoices in professional PDF formats. In addition to creating estimates, Invoice Simple can help you generate receipts, tax items or estimates, discount them, customize fields like shipping, rates, and quantity or item numbers and even customize your logo amongst other perks. This app is great for designers, especially freelancers who do not have the convenience of an HR department to do their billing for them.

Invoice Simple is available for download on Google Play.

8 - Wunderlist

As a designer, you need a to-do list to keep your tasks on track. Wunderlist is an app that not only makes it easier for you to do that, it also enables you to share tasks and lists with other people or the designers who are working on the same project you are.

A collaborative approach to design ensures that everyone on your team remains on the same page and projects are completed on time. This also means sharing your ideas and lists should easily be accessible to every member on your team. This is what makes Wunderlist a must-have for designers. It can easily sync between different devices like tablets, smartphones and desktop computers, so your team can easily access lists from anywhere provided that they have an internet connection. This means that you can organize your projects, delegate tasks and manage your work without being confined to any one place.

Wunderlist is available for download on the Play Store.

9 - Assembly

Not every designer is a whiz on Illustrator. The Assembly app offers an easier way to create stunning vector images for your project. How? It doesn’t require you to create shapes yourself. Just choose any of the 180 basic shapes it has on offer to fit into your designs either on top or as background images.

The Assembly app gets points for flexibility. For example, it comes with features that allow you to layer and stack your shapes and symbols layered and stacked however you want. Additionally it also has a simple interface which is great for novice designers.

Assembly is available for download on the App Store.

With these applications in your design toolkit, managing your project will become easier.


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