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Web-Scraping Made Easy With ScrapeStack

Web-Scraping Made Easy With ScrapeStack

At a particular point or another, you may want to build a simple bot for scraping website data. For example, on a link sharing website, you may want users to be able to see a meta preview of the what the shared link is about without the user needing to waste time visiting the URL.

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You fire up your favorite scripting language and build a simple crawler. Once your crawler is live, you begin to experiencing problems like the website thinking you’re a bad actor coming to DDoS them and blocks your bots access to the website. Other times, you get a captcha that says “confirm you’re not robot.”

These are very frustrating and building a crawler that is smart enough to bypass these checks is a lot of work. This is where Scrapestack comes in. You hand over a URL to Scrapestack and it ensures you encounter none of these inconveniences.

Some of its key features include it being:

  • Free to start
  • They currently handle over a billion requests monthly from over a hundred different locations.
  • They can bypass Captchas and other firewalls.

    Basic Usage

You need to head over to Scrapestack to create an account. After creating an account, copy your API key and send a request like this:


You can replace the URL with any URL of your choice.

Instead of directly crawling the website, let scrapestack handle fetching the data for you. That way you avoid pesky captchas.

It’s all fun and games until you have to “prove you’re not a bot.”

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