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GitHub Codespaces lets you use VS Code on GitHub.com

GitHub Codespaces lets you use VS Code on GitHub.com

Last week, Microsoft announced Visual Studio Codespaces. I had a sneaking suspicion this sort of stuff would lead into integration with GitHub, but I never in my wildest dreams figured it would happen so fast!

GitHub has announced GitHub Codepsaces! This allows us to open a codespace directly in GitHub and use VS Code to edit and contribute to a project all in browser!

This means that we could open up a project, change some code, provide a PR, and help a repo out, all from within our browser! There's also claims that it can be used from an iPad. I wonder if an all iPad development workflow is closer than ever now that the iPad has mouse and trackpad support.

One really cool feature is that you can create a Codespace on GitHub and connect to it from your local machine using a VS Code extension.

We can even use VS Code extensions!

This looks like another great addition from GitHub and Microsoft. Seems like my entire dev stack is Microsoft these days, and I don't mind it.

  • VS Code
  • TypeScript
  • GitHub
  • GitHub Codespaces
  • Might even come back to Windows for WSL 2

Sign Up for Early Access

It's closed off right now, but you can sign up to get early access.

GitHub Discussions

GitHub is also releasing Discussions, a forum-like feature that lives in your repo. You can chat with people, create an FAQ, and help contribute. This seems like some of the fruits that came from the Spectrum.chat acquisition a couple years back.

You can view a Discussions tab on the next.js repo.

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