While wearable devices continue to take our mobile user experience to the next level allowing us new and rewarding interaction with our surroundings, Android seems to be the most happening platform for wearable with a vast majority of smart watches, fitness trackers and other smart wearable continuing to come out of Android innovators. So, if you are looking for what really stands as the latest and promising for wearable, check out the Android regimen first. Let's see here a few trends and promises that are already looming large.

Hybrid Smart Watches

If we remember well, first generation smart watches were not selling hot as they were not fashionable in look. Only true geeks who don't mind sporting a watch that looks more like a tiny electronic device and less like an actual watch liked them. Yes, that was the perception of most people. This search for the stylish timepiece is something immortal, and soon even android wearable and other smart watch brands realised that and consequently started coming with new analogue looking smart watches. Today, this fusion made hybrid watches possible. All the smart watch features paired with a designer crafted and beautiful analogue watch, that's hybrid watch. It is going to take over the smart watch market shortly, just watch out!

it’s time for hearables

Wearable with a prime focus on hearing well and that's what we know as hearables. It can be a smart Android wearable glass equipped with Bluetooth enabled hearable speaker to allow listening music while the glass is on. This Bluetooth speaker allowing the user to stay connected with phone calls, all kinds of voice communication and music, is already famous and in the coming time, we can see more such devices to come.

With smart Android hearables you can never complain about something inaudible to your ears. Android hearables are expected to be leaner, delicate and better over time without creating too heavy a burden on your ears. Already at CES 2017, we had several of them displayed, and most of them are already on their way to market.

Smart Android fabric, anytime soon

Smart fabric capable of communicating and responding to digital activities has already been a popular idea among wearable developers and thinkers, and yes, there have been many worthy experiments with it. While smart fabric in the time to come is going to be more common as wearable is destined to spread in all directions encompassing everything that we wear and flaunt, Android is expected to be the platform for connected smart garments of the future.

The possibilities with Android smart fabric are really enormous. First of all, allowing connectivity with a plethora of Android devices and other home gadgets these lean wearables can just transform the way you interact and actually can allow you to interact digitally without really handling any device as such. With Android fabric, the whole wearable thing is supposed to come a full circle of innovation.

Wait for more Android shoes

Smart, connected shoes are already here for some time. We had several of them including the one from Lenovo that allows us to play augmented reality games with the movement of our feet sporting a pair of that shoe. There are several smart shoes connected with Android mobile apps and equipped to interact digitally for practical reasons.

Smart Android shoes as of now have become a favourite for fitness geeks who need real time statistics and measurements of their burned calories, heart and pulse rate and other fitness data while going through physical workout sessions. From a game playing to fitness tracking to real time movement and location tracking, connected Android shoes offer limitless possibilities.

Voice command has never been so popular

Do you know increasing number of people searches Google with voice command? Do you know the popularity of voice command is experiencing an all-time high in the recent times? Yes, the teens and younger population are now using voice commands while interacting with their device or other apps. When it comes to wearables voice commands unveil a bigger possibility of almost never-before dimension.

A vast majority of Android watches and other smart wearables including the fitness bands are now coming with voice command responsivity. In fact with smart connected wearables voice command performs in unison ensuring richer and faster interaction. From smart glasses to hearables to smart watches and fitness bands, voice command will continue to enjoy command over digital interactions over a plethora of Android wearable devices.

Replacing mobile as IOT control device

Ever since the Internet of Things and connected home devices continue to transform our lifestyle, smartphones with the connected IOT apps have been at the center stage of this interaction. But now, the control and command for IOT are expected to get handed over to smart wearables. Now sporting a smart watch or just a dedicated band you can control your home gadgets with respective apps. Replacing mobile for controlling IOT gadgets is the next promise for a vast majority of wearable devices.

Wearable for more gameplay

Until now wearables have not been popular for game playing. The primary reason for this might be the smaller screen size or lack of control compared to a smartphone. But wearables can really play a great role in the remote control of gaming actions and game features without handling so much a device, and that's precisely the USP of wearable gaming. Smartly connected shoes equipped with augmented reality technology have already been into gaming actions with the feet movement of the player. In the coming years, we can expect more Android wearables to be used for game playing and controlling game actions.

Android wearable representing the wearable technology from the forefront is expected to foster innovation and new technologies continuously for our needs. All the recent innovations and trends are giving us a strong indication that Android wearable sooner or later can actually replace mobility for a variety of real life digital interactions.

Elizabeth Mabishi

I'm a trained mechatronic engineer curious about life and passionate about using technology to make a discernible impact in the lives of people.

I'm currently delving into GraphQL, React Native, Docker and all things micro-services.

I work at Andela as a Software Developer.

I play third person stealth video games and strength-train for fun.