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Creating MEAN stack apps makes development incredibly fun. It seems like every part of the development process has tons of tools and is easy to use. Today we'll look at using Robomongo to connect to a remote mongo database.

In our case, we will be connecting to a database hosted by the good folks at Modulus.io. You can also use this to connect to a database at Mongolab.

Setting Up

First, make sure you have Robomongo downloaded and ready to go.

Second, let's go and create a database so that we have a connection URI that looks like:


This will be the Mongo URI to connect to our database. We are passing in the username, password, database address, database name, and port. These will all be needed when setting up Robomongo.

Connecting Using Robomongo

Let's open up Robomongo and start up a new connection.


We will only need to fill out two tabs here. The Connection and Authentication tabs.


This is where we will have a nickname for our database. We will also use the address and port.



We will add in our database name, username and password here.



Once we have filled all that information out, test out your connection and rejoice!


Using Your Database

Once you are connected, you can see all the items in your database under Collections. Just like that, you have a nice GUI to maintain your Mongo database.



Connecting to a database from the likes of modulus.io or mongolab.com is very easy with Robomongo.

There are also other options that Robomongo will let you use like a local database. It also provides support for SSH tunneling if you want to connect to your own server.

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