Article Saving Problems

Hudson Allen 5 months ago | Last updated 5 months ago

Is anybody else having trouble saving their posts? New content I have written will randomly disappear when I try to save my article... Is there a specific reason for this? Also, my codepen links are not turning into preview frames when I insert them into my post. Sorry, if this sounds really whiny XD I'm just a bit confused...

@federico23 3 months ago

Well actually I'm not having trouble but, there is one post ( that I wanna ask because I think the author wrote it really really fast and I don't know if the post is complete or there is a plan to make a second part, for example at the end of post say this:

"Now this service is working locally but we have to deploy it: so run this command: npm install -g now now in a terminal inside project directory: $now now follow some magical steps and your service is live now"

oook cool, what is next, there is no end to the post. btw: if you try to comment on the post the browser scroll down but there is no section to comment, my first though was maybe doesn't appear because I'm not using my credentials, just reading in loggout mode. Well ok I'm going to login, appear a nice modal or popup asking for my credentials, set my username/email but forget to set my pass, click on login appear the google captcha, pick the images and nothing happend, at the second try I realize that I was forggeting my password, then I success on login.

I think that the site is awesome but there is some miss functionality.

Jeff Scott 2 months ago

A person compose article with hardwork and by consume his time and then any other individual or a company steal it from him. Its actually routine at this time, as a writer I perpetually having a concern that how to save my assignment writing because students buy assignments from me and I don't want a repeatition of my work...