Routing Angular Applications

There are 23 lessons in this course.
2.6 hours of learning!

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⚗️ What You'll Learn

  • How to route users to different pages
  • Use route parameters
  • Use child routes
  • Use multiple routers
  • Lazy-load parts of your site
  • Use the router to authenticate

💎 What You'll Build

Your own basic site with a dashboard that will teach all the routing essentials.

📚 23 Lessons

The Angular 2 Router is the best way to route users through our applications.

Router Features

The router provides us many great features like:

  • Routing users between pages
  • Routing to pages with URL parameters
  • Allow for child routers
  • Lazy-loading
  • Guards and middleware-like functionality
  • Authentication
  • And more...

We'll cover all of the above features and see how we can build our own site and route users.

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