For our learning approach, we'll be taking a beginner's approach. This means we'll have plenty of comparisons between Vue and vanilla JavaScript.

We will treat Vue as your first JavaScript framework.

Vue Poll

We did some a Vue poll asking users what their JavaScript experiences were and here we learned a couple things:

Table of Contents

    • users that want to learn Vue are coming from jQuery/vanilla JavaScript
    • most users are intermediate level

    State of JS

    JavaScript has moved incredibly fast these past few years. We've got amazing new tools like:

    • Node and npm
    • Packages galore
    • ES6
    • Task runners
    • Transpilers
    • Module loaders

    We won't be using any of the above for this course, but the next Vue courses will. This is what makes Vue progressive; it can be as simple or as advanced as you want it to be.

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