Getting Started with Vagrant for Local Development

The Vagrantfile Dissected

Vagrantfile Dissected

The Vagrantfile Dissected

The General Idea behind a Vagrantfile

The "general idea" is that all the crazy moving parts around a development environment are in this one file. This means if you have an insanely complicated setup, chances are your Vagrantfile is probably too.

But, say if you have a simple PHP setup, it doesn't have to be! Finish the course and you'll see why.

Vagrantfile Dissected

I've broken down the Vagrantfile into 5 parts you need. You can probably get away with just knowing 1 and 2 below, but we'll cover them all. It's not too bad!

  1. "Box" - Which operating system are we going to use?
  2. "Provider" - Where are we going to put the box?
  3. "Networking" - How are we going to see the box from our computer?
  4. "Syncing" - How are we going to access the files in the box?
  5. "Provisioning" - How are we going to configure our box?

This probably looks like gibberish right now, but don't you worry, we'll make sense of it later. These 5 parts are key to everything!

What the Vagrantfile is trying to do visualized

What is Vagrant Trying to do?

This graphic may or may not make any sense to you right now. That's okay.

I just want to tease this out. We will actually be coming back to this graphic at the end of this lesson group where it will make perfect sense.

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