Getting Started with React: Lesson 2 of 14

Setting Up the Dev Environment

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First, we need to set up our development environment. We need to download the beginning code for this project. Then we will install the dependencies. Lastly, we will run the project.

You can download the starter files from the project's repository on Github. This can be done from the website or using Git. Below is the command for using Git.

git clone

Now, let's install the dependencies. We can do this using npm or yarn. Your choice. :)

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    cd react-weather-app
    yarn // or npm install

    The last step is to run the project! We just need to run the start command in your package manager of choice.

    yarn start // or npm start

    Open a browser to http://localhost:8080. You should see a blank, yellow screen. Open the developer console, and you should see "Hello, world!" printed there. That's it.

    One developer tool that will help when developing in React is the React Dev Tools extension. It can be downloaded for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

    In the next one, we will work on getting something printed to the page.

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