Getting Started with Less

Additional Resources, Learn Gulp, Learn Sass

Recap and Additional Resources

At this point you should know Less really well. We covered all the core concepts to make you a better developer.

So, what are your next steps?

Use It!

The first thing you should do is go well beyond what we are doing in these demos and use it on your own project. It's the only way you're going to really learn it through and familiarize yourself with it.

Start Using Task Runners

You're not going to be able to use, Less.js, or forever. Eventually you'll become more advance and need specific requirements.

It's probably a good idea now to at least move forward and start using a task runner or customize one specific for your needs.

Go check-out our Gulp Course now!

Learn Sass

Less is awesome. I personally still use it for many, many projects. The syntax and features just makes sense to me and are perfect for my specific use case.

Sass is becoming more and more the more common one to use. It's probably a good idea to not limit yourself to just Less.

Sass also has a bit more features once you dive into the very advance stuff, but overall is practically the same.

The really cool thing is now that you know Less, you pretty much know Sass. The concepts are pretty much identical, but the syntax are different. There's a few other small differences as well but fortunately we have a full Sass Course for this!

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