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After we've gotten the dependencies, we can finally pull the actual Angular packages. Since Angular is very modular and considered a framework now, these are going to be pulled in as separate modules (just like how you would load a separate JS file for ngAnimate, ngRoute, UI.Router, etc).

The main packages are:

  • @angular/core
  • @angular/common
  • @angular/compiler
  • @angular/platform-browser
  • @angular/platform-browser-dynamic

The optional packages that are a good idea to bring into your apps as you'll most likely use them:

Table of Contents

    • @angular/router
    • @angular/http
    • @angular/forms

    Install them all with a single command:

    npm install @angular/core @angular/common @angular/compiler @angular/platform-browser @angular/platform-browser-dynamic @angular/forms @angular/http @angular/router --save

    You can see our final package.json with all the dependencies and scripts here.

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