Getting Started with Angular

Getting Started with Angular

Let's explore all the changes coming in Angular 2. If you come from the world of Angular 1, you may have heard that Angular 2 is a complete code change.

Angular 2 is a huge change from Angular 1 code. With good reasons and cool new features.

While this can seem scary, let's take a step back and look into what exactly is going on with the new version. There are reasons why Angular 2 is so different. In this course, we'll take a look at how we can get started with Angular 2 and see all the cool new features Angular 2 provides.

What we'll learn

  • Why Angular 2 is such a big break from Angular 1
  • What new features Angular 2 has
  • How to setup Angular 2
  • How to use TypeScript to transpile ES6 code
  • How to use System.js to load ES6 imports
  • How to create components in Angular 2
  • How to let components talk to each other
  • How to use forms in Angular 2
  • How to create form validations
  • See the future of Angular!

What we'll build

We'll be creating our very own Angular 2 starter kit.

We'll also build our first Angular 2 app:

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