The loading spinner one is quite simple. We already have a state item that's set to true anytime an async operation is carried out. This state item is called showLoader.

Cart items count is also simple -- just the length of the array as shown in the code below.

Furthermore, we need to create global subscriptions to our store mutations. That's the best way to listen to notifications mutations like ADD_PRODUCT_SUCCESS. When these notifications come in, we need to let the user know by showing a toaster.

Table of Contents

    // ./src/App
      <div id="app">
          <div class="container">
            <ul class="nav__left">
              <li><router-link to="/"><i class="fa fa-home"></i> Home</router-link></li>
              <li><router-link to="/admin"><i class="fa fa-user"></i> Admin</router-link></li>
            <ul class="nav__right">
              <li><router-link to="/cart"><i class="fa fa-shopping-cart"></i> Cart ({{cartItemsCount}})</router-link></li>
        <div class="overlay" v-show="showLoader">
          <div class="loading-spinner">
            <div class="dot dotOne"></div>
            <div class="dot dotTwo"></div>
            <div class="dot dotThree"></div>
    import toastr from 'toastr'
    import {
    } from './store/mutation-types'
    export default {
      name: 'app',
      data () {
        return {
          cartItems: this.$store.state.cart
      created () {
        // Subscriptions for mutation
        this.$store.subscribe((mutation) => {
          if (mutation.payload) {
            switch (mutation.type) {
              case ADD_PRODUCT_SUCCESS:
                toastr.success('Product created.', 'Success!')
              case UPDATE_PRODUCT_SUCCESS:
                toastr.success('Product updated.', 'Success!')
              case REMOVE_PRODUCT_SUCCESS:
                toastr.warning('Product deleted.', 'Deleted!')
      computed: {
        cartItemsCount () {
          // Cart count
          return this.cartItems.length
        showLoader () {
          // Loading spinner
          return this.$store.state.showLoader

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