Build a Twitter Clone With Adonis and Vue

User Login

Let's now allow signed up users to login to the app. We'll be using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for user authentication. Because we created an api-only app, the app is already configured to use of JWT for authentication.

Let's create the /login route, open start/routes.js and add the line below to it:

// start/routes.js'/login', 'UserController.login')

UserController's login method will be executed when the /login route is accessed. This method handles users authentication.

Next, let's add the login method to UserController. Open app/Controllers/Http/UserController.js and add the code below to it:

// app/Controllers/Http/UserController.js

async login ({ request, auth, response }) {
    try {
        // validate the user credentials and generate a JWT token
        const token = await auth.attempt(

        return response.json({
            status: 'success',
            data: token
    } catch (error) {
            status: 'error',
            message: 'Invalid email/password'

Using the attempt method, we validate the user's credentials and generate a JWT token which we in turn return. If the user's credentails does not match what's in the database, we simply return a JSON object with an appropriate message.

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