Now, let's add ability for users to follow one another. Add the code below to start/routes.js within the users group routes:

// start/routes.js'/follow/:id', 'UserController.follow')

This route takes the ID of the user we want to follow as a parameter.

Next, add the code below to UserController:

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    // app/Controllers/Http/UserController.js
    async follow ({ request, auth, response }) {
        // get currently authenticated user
        const user = auth.current.user
        // add to user's followers
        await user.following().attach(request.input('user_id'))
        return response.json({
            status: 'success',
            data: null

    Firstly, we get the currently authenticated user. Then we use the attach method (made available to us due to the belongs-to-many relationship we defined between User and Followers) to add the user with the ID specified to the list of users the authenticated user is following.

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