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Why I'm Excited to Attend and Speak at Reactathon

Why I'm Excited to Attend and Speak at Reactathon

Reactathon is happening in San Francisco on March 30-31. It’s got a solid lineup of attendees and speakers. Definitely gonna have an amazing “hallway track” at this conference.

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Last October I was at Facebook's React Conf, which was an incredible conference experience. I chatted with so many folks on the cutting edge of the React community -- speakers and attendees alike. Met some great people like Kent C Dodds, Tejas Kumar, and a lot from the React team.

I also got the chance to meet Benjamin Dunphy, the organizer of Reactathon, the San Francisco React Conference taking place at the end of March. The conference sounded really exciting with some amazing speakers and friends like:

Topic Tables: Facilitated Conversation on the Extended React Ecosystem

I was particularly interested in an aspect of the conference called “Topic Tables.”

Topic Tables are intended to solve a very simple, yet profound problem with conferences -- meeting and talking with other people.

Whether you're an introvert who has difficulty joining or striking up a conversation from a blank slate, or you're a social butterfly who simply wants a way to improve the ROI from your interactions, the experience of meeting and chatting with folks at conferences is very much imperfect. Enter Topic Tables!

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What are topic tables?

This 2-hour social features a number of technical topics managed by experts. Each table has a big sign where you can easily identify what you want to discuss, or listen to others discuss. So if you’re shy about starting a conversation from scratch, you now have a common baseline with your colleagues to start from.

If you’re a sociable person looking to learn more about a specific subject, you don’t have to waste any time searching for the right people to talk about that with. It’s right there in front of you! And last but not least, it’s a great way to meet new friends — to both improve the rest of your conference experience, and possibly make new friends for life.

Here’s a tweet about the 2019 Reactathon Topic Tables.

I’m managing the JAMstack Topic Table!

And I’m particularly excited about Topic Tables because I’ll be a manager at one of the tables! I’ll be managing the JAMstack topic table alongside Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Zeit, and Swyx Wang, developer experience engineer at Netlify.

The other topic tables are:

All these tables will be managed by maintainers, core contributors, and other experts who have been working with these technologies for years. If you’re interested in meeting and chatting with experts about these cutting-edge technologies, or other parts of the event, I suggest that you check out the conference website to learn more!

The Talks

Oh, I almost forgot — the talks. The conference features lots of amazing speakers and content. Speakers include Kent C. Dodds, Cassidy Williams, Ryan Florence, Daria Caraway, Wes Bos, and many more. Head over to https://www.reactathon.com to learn more. The conference organizers tell me that the website is getting a fresh redesign, and they’re announcing the full list of speakers and schedule, on February 3. Hit them up at info@reactathon.com if you can’t wait until then!

Let’s Hang Out!

I’ll be up in San Francisco March 30-31. I always love chatting about all things life and tech. Would love to see you there! Get your tickets to Reactathon on the site. $50 off with code SCOTCHIO


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