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What's New with Netlify - March 2019

What's New with Netlify - March 2019

Netlify is one of my favorite companies out there, and they provide an incredibly amount of static site hosting features, many of which are free. They continue to grow and gain popularity, and they've recently announced a couple of new features. Let's take a look!

Netlify Large Media

Netlfy Large Media is a service that will "manage binary files of any size right in your repo, just like code". This service is advertised to solve the issue of storing large files in Git, where repository size can be a major concern.

Netlify Large Media can help shrink your Git repositories drastically!

Netfliy accomplishes this by tracking these files with "tiny text aliases" in your repository, while storing the large files themselves in its own blob storage. Here's a couple of the features of this service.

  • provide streamlined version control for large assets
  • specify file by file which ones should be hosted by Large Media
  • dynamically trasnform images by cropping and resizing them on the fly

If you open up one of your sites, you should see the Large Media tab. You can then read the getting started docs to get going.

Check out the official write up.

Netlify Deployment Badges

I've always wondered how projects on Github got those fancy build/deploy badges. To me, projects look much more official with those cute little badges. Anyways, Netlify just announced that they will be providing Netlify badges that you can include in your repositories!

Here's what they look like.

Want to know how to use them? It couldn't be easier! Go to your site settings **-> general -> status badges**. Copy the text and include it in your sites ReadMe.

Added mine to my site in seconds.

Here's the official writeup.

The Future of JAMstack Conf

JAMstack Conf happened for the first time back in 2018, and based on the quality of speakers and what I saw on twitter, it looked amazing! Well, Netlify thought so also, so they are planning to do three more! Here are the locations and dates.

  • New York City - April 9th and 10th
  • London - July 9th and 10th
  • San Francisco - TBD/couldn't find the date

If you have the time and funds, I would recommend checking this conference out. Maybe I'll see you there.

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