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What is Vettery?

What is Vettery?

Vettery is an online hiring marketplace that connects job seekers with over 20,000 companies across the US, Canada, and the UK. With an active profile on Vettery, hiring managers can send interview requests directly to your inbox when your background and preferences match what they’re looking for. Skip the job applications, cover letters, and LinkedIn networking. Our job is finding you a job that checks all the right boxes.

I’m interested, what next?

Awesome, we’d love for you to get started on Vettery! It’s super simple - head over to vettery.com to create a profile. Fill out your background: work experience, top skills, education, etc. Then comes the fun part - build your dream role! Your role preferences are important because they will ensure that companies reach out only with relevant opportunities. Are you actively looking or just passively browsing the market? Are you looking for a permanent, contract, or remote role? Are you looking to relocate? What’s your preferred salary? Know your worth, don’t settle for less!

Once your profile is complete, it’ll be reviewed by our internal AI, Vicky, and double checked by our Candidate Experience Team. If accepted (woohoo!), we’ll send you a confirmation email with next steps.

Do I need to include my resume?

96% of the job seekers who find a job through Vettery have included a resume in their profile. So, yes, we suggest you include a resume! Don’t sweat it -- building an effective resume is pretty simple. As they say, less is more, so try to keep your resume to one page and include the following:

  • Full Name

  • Contact information -- email, city, phone optional

  • Relevant links -- LinkedIn, Github, Personal site, etc.

  • Your title or role preference -- e.g. Full Stack Developer

  • Top skills and languages

  • Most recent work history -- try to limit to three most recent experiences, but if you are more senior, feel free to include more.

  • Education

  • Interests or a fun fact -- are you a pro at unicycling? Let us know!

Got an interview?

Congrats! When you go live on Vettery, you’re paired with a member of our Candidate Experience team who is there to support you from your first interview to signing that offer. Whether you’re deciding which interview request to accept or want to prep for your upcoming call, they’re eager to help. Feel free to shoot them a quick email, text, or phone call when anything comes up. They will also share exclusive interview guides with you so you’ll be fully prepared for phone screens, coding exams, whiteboarding sessions, and anything else that comes your way.

Want to get a head start on interview prep? Start thinking about thoughtful, concise answers to these commonly asked questions. And then... practice, practice, practice.

  • Tell me about yourself

  • What technical accomplishment are you most proud of

  • Walk me through your process for writing code

Let’s do this!

Whether you are actively seeking a career boost or passively keeping an eye out for that can’t-turn-down opportunity, Vettery is here for you. Create a profile and come celebrate Mondays with us!

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