What coding schools do you like and why are you learning?

Chris Sevilleja
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ith the impending launch of our very own Scotch School (top shelf video courses), we wanted to know what online schools you've used.

There are many out there that come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some questions we're curious to get your opinions on:

  • What online coding school did you learn the most at?
  • Which did you like the best?
  • Did you subscribe as an individual or did your employer get you an account?
  • What format do you like the best?
  • Do in-browser editors work?
  • Did an in-person bootcamp work better than online only?
  • Did 1-on-1 training/mentorship work best?

On top of what online school you liked, we'd like to know what your goals are! Learning to code can lead to pretty much any career/hobby path. What motivated you?

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