The Weekly Best #1

Holly Lloyd
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Resources and Tools


8 Bit Art

Create and save your own 8-bit works of art right in the browser with this fun canvas tool.



Leave the 90s behind with this new upgraded default color library. You'll never see "blue" the same again.



Create pre-selected eye pleasing colors and color schemes with this JavaScript library.

Table of Contents


    Font Face Ninja

    For the font lovers -- discover new fonts with this Chrome/Safari extension that instantly detects what fonts are used on any site.


    HTML5 Device Mockups

    Impress potential clients by adding several device mockups of your designs to your site. Click here and get started now.


    Mapbox GL

    Mapbox GL is a client side rendering library that allows you to create beautiful custom maps in minutes.



    Get 18 beautiful and ready to use CSS icon transformations with Marka.



    Ever wanted to spoof a REST API? Me neither..but you can now with Liaar. It's as easy as creating a few directories.


    An easy to use in-browser service that supports peer-to-peer file transfers with only one server involved.


    Sublime Text Power User

    A beautiful and easy to follow slideshow to turn you into a Sublime Text power user in minutes. (Click the right arrow on your keyboard to get started).

    Cool News


    Heroku Button

    A new simple way to deploy and run your project using Heroku with just the click of a button. And just when you thought it couldn't get easier, the button is already made for you!

    Cloudflare and WebSockets

    Cloudflare now supports WebSockets. The roll out begins with Enterprise customers and plans to expand in the near future.

    Google's new ranking signal

    Google pushes for internet security across the web by using HTTPS as a ranking signal in their search algorithm. They hope to strengthen the weight of this factor in the future to encourage all website owners to switch to HTTPS.

    Keeping Internet Explorer up to date

    Coming early 2016, Microsoft pushes users to stay up to date with Internet Explorer by only offering technical support and updates for the most recent version supported for your operating system.

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