Weekly Poll: Is Hiding/showing a Fixed Header Good UI?

Chris Sevilleja
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We've been debating on implementing a JavaScript feature here at Scotch. One of the things that happened since we launched our new redesign is that people miss having navigation always available like in our old fixed sidebar.

We're here to ask if our readers want us to implement a fixed header that hides as you scroll down and displays on scrolling up. We're a bit torn here between it's good UI and it's a little annoying. So help us out! Should we implement a feature like this found in the great plugin Headroom.js?

See the Pen Headroom.js demo by Nick Williams (@WickyNilliams) on CodePen.

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    Thanks for answering and if you guys like the feature, we'll implement immediately! If not, we'll work on another solution. Probably a button to scroll to top. If you have any other ideas, let us know in the comments.

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