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The Top Tech People to Follow on Twitter for Your Stack

The Top Tech People to Follow on Twitter for Your Stack

Twitter like other social media bring people together, and lots of everyday activities go on here too, people get jobs, sell, connect, work and even get items for free. This brings in the question of CROWD CONTROL. For a platform that has over 260 million users (2019) and still rising at a geometric rate, everyone and anyone could see your tweet.

No matter your follower count, a single retweet from someone influencial and you could get your timeline boozing for weeks.

But again, all these advantages are useless if all you get are irrelevant tweets that you can't relate with.

So the question is, how do you follow the exact people who would fill your timeline with productive tweets and are also readily available to answer questions when you call on them, irrespective of your status, follower count, skill level or race. The Twitter Tech Ecosystem doesn't segregate.

Below you'll find the list of some Top tech people that are active on Twitter and can impact your tech journey positively.

Included are their handle and tech fields, so you only follow who you need. This list is in no partcular order.

I tweeted out a list on Twitter and it got solid engagement thanks to the support of all of you on Twitter. There are many more recommendations in the replies so definitely check those out!





Game Dev: Unity and C

Php, Laravel, node



Data Science


Full amazing stacks

.Net Devs

Tech Business Developers


Tech Communities/Conferences

Cyber Security

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