Survey: Want to learn Vue? We've got questions!

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ue is a great JavaScript framework that we'll be showcasing more in the coming months. We're in the process of preparing that material and would love to hear feedback from you!

We're going to be doing the following in the next month:

  • Many more Vue tutorials
  • Getting Started with Vue video course
  • A free Vue webinar

Table of Contents

    In putting together this info, we'd like to get some data on who is interested in Vue development. We've got some great content in the pipeline; this survey will help us adjust our delivery and who this is geared towards.

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    The Questions

    Some questions that came to mind (feel free to sound off in the comments with your experiences):

    What's your previous JavaScript experience?

    • Are you a vanilla JS developer looking to use Vue?
    • Are you a jQuery developer?
    • Have you already used AngularJS v1 and want to try Vue?
    • Have you tried Angular v2+?
    • Are you a React developer?
    • Would you consider yourself a beginner/intermediate/advanced JS developer?

    Why do you want to learn Vue?

    • Where'd you hear about Vue?
    • What are the main features you like most about Vue?
    • Are you going to use it for personal or work projects?

    The Survey

    Fill out the Survey


    All of these questions will help guide how we create this content. Since Vue has such a low barrier to entry, it will attract more users coming from the vanilla JS and jQuery camps and this will definitely adjust our teaching strategy.

    Let me know your experiences, what you'd like to learn, what you'd like to build, and what you'd like to see from Scotch!

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