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Simbla: The Next Big Website Builder

Simbla: The Next Big Website Builder

Simbla is an easy website builder to build code-free websites in minutes. No knowledge of programming or web development is even required to get an professional, responsive, and beautiful website.

This article is a follow-up to the new features that Simbla has been tirelessly adding and implementing since our last review about their awesomeness.

These new features include:

  • Ready-Made Drag and Drop Blocks
  • The Theme maker
  • The Website Wizard
  • Video Backgrounds

We'll cover these in detail below! We'll also discuss website builder's in general and why you should seriously consider Simbla for your next project.

First, A Quick Note About Website Builders

It's no secret that web development is constantly evolving and changing. The Internet moves fast - plain and simple. If you're a seasoned developer or a beginner designer, it's important to have a strong toolset with you while building websites.

When approaching any new project for the first time, there's an old saying that many experienced people live by. That saying:

"Use the right tool for the job."

Simbla is that tool. Remember that smart and experienced developers stay humble when approaching projects.

You're probably thinking, "I know what I'm doing! I don't need a website builder" or "Fat chance! The last website builder I used was awful". That could not be further from the truth with Simbla. Here's why:

  • Built on Bootstrap 3
  • Web based interface (no installs necessary)
  • Drag and drop site builder
  • Fully responsive
  • Ability to embed your own code
  • SEO features
  • Easy mode and a pro mode for those that still want to dive into the code

Simbla's technology is advance, easy, and extremely powerful. You can build professional and responsive websites with ease. Your small business, company, or project might not need a full blown custom-coded website from scratch. Using a website builder is completely acceptable in many cases.

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Ready-Made Drag and Drop Blocks

Have you ever had a client or needed to add or change an entire section of a custom template like on the homepage? Simbla makes this ridiculously easy with their new ready-made blocks.

Simbla Drag and Drop Blocks

You can change out and entire section of a template by simply dragging and dropping a certain category of block. The best part? These are completely configurable all from their "easy" editing mode. Block types include:

  • Intro
  • Header
  • Content
  • Multimedia
  • Contact
  • Footer
  • And more!

The Theme maker

Nailing branding is difficult. The slightest color variation can have profound impact on a company's image or brand. With Simbla, you can easily make those necessary changes to get the most bang for your buck.

Simbla Theme Maker

With just 2 or 3 clicks, the whole feeling of the site can change. With Theme Maker, you can pick from a ready made or set your own overall feeling of your site (text, fonts, background color, icons, etc.) and it changes immediately.

The Website Wizard (7 easy steps)

Simbla Website Wizard Banner

You can see Simbla does a lot. So much that between all its great features like drag and drop blocks, design and theme options, being responsive, and more, you'd think using this website builder is hard. It's actually the opposite. It's so easy that they even have a website wizard to walk you through the steps.

Just select the wizard button when starting a project:

How Simbla Starts

You can read more about using the wizard to build a website here or follow our guide below:

Step 1: Pick a Name

Just kick things off by selecting a name for your project:

Wizard 1

Upload your logo and select your location for this step:

Wizard Step 2

Step 3: Select Website Type

Simbla supports building many types of websites. Here, you can select if you want:

  • One page website: Builds a one page website with a fixed header and menu
  • Multi-page website: Builds a multi-page website with as many pages as you wish.

Wizard Step 3

Step 4: Select Your Pages

Step 4 allows you to build your navigation and select which pages you want. If you're doing a one page website, you can just skip this step. You can always add more pages later.

Wizard Step 4 - a Wizard Step 4 - b

Step 5: Select Your Homepage Layout

Simbla supports multiple types of layouts and designs. Maybe a gallery is needed or a big call to action header for your homepage. Here you can configure your homepage however you want.

Wizard Step 5

Step 6: Select a Theme

Pick the theme you want for your website (you can change this later)

Wizard Step 6

Step 7: Celebrate!

You're all set with your Bootstrap 3 and responsive website. You can now either:

  • Connect a domain here
  • Change text
  • Change images
  • Add, edit, and delete pages
  • Update themes
  • Test different styles

Wizard Step 7

New Background Options

Simbla has been working hard to really not only make things easy, but also to let you get more creative with the design and theming options. Check these new background features out!

Pattern Background

No more plain boring background colors! You can now upload a repeatable pattern for your background image and preview what it looks like.

Pattern 1 Pattern 2

Video Background

Video backgrounds can really make a website come to life. Simbla's website builder tools make this so easy! This is a feature under "pro" accounts.

Video Background

What's Coming Soon?

These are some seriously awesome features for a website builder, but Simbla isn't stopping here. They're working on even more cool features that other website builder's aren't. Simbla is more than that. It's an online database platform that will connect to the current builder's UI and allow users to create beautiful and fully functional Web applications.

You heard that right. Yes, website applications.

In the next few weeks Simbla is going to come out with a first feel of the system, and let developers play around in the new environment, the connection of the database to the UI system will happen through drag and drop web application widgets and at the beginning mostly with JavaScript.

A Final Note

You should definitely give Simbla a try. They're a very promising website builder to help you build websites quickly.


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