FREE Webinar: Should I use React or Vue? Job Board Launched! Job Board Launched!

Here at Scotch, our main goal has always been to help people make sense of the complex world of development. Explaining why something is in addition to what or how is crucial to us.

Visit the job board:

We've been proud to put out tutorials for five years now and the next project we think will help developers all over would be a job board with the same goals in mind.

Why a job board?

Developers learn and hone their skills to do a few things:

  • Create awesome stuff like side projects or their own companies
  • Be a better developer at their current job
  • Better their lives by searching for a new job

As with all things we do, we want to focus on the core experience. This job board will aim to be high quality jobs from companies trusted in the industry.

After training and teaching people online, the next logical step is to help them take those skills and leverage a new job!

How do I stay updated?

It's still early and we're going to be adding as many great jobs as possible.

We have a newsletter that goes out both daily and weekly so you can stay up to date on jobs.

Got a job to post?

We'd love to work with you to post a job for you or your company. Please feel free to reach out to me directly (, or visit the Post a Job page.

While it's still in early stages, there will be huge exposure for the jobs posted since there are less being added currently.

Your job will be visible on all 1,500+ articles pages.

Here's some stats:

  • ~1.8M Users
  • ~2.2M Sessions
  • ~3.7M Pageviews
  • 70k email subscribers
  • 50k Twitter followers
  • 21k Facebook fans

We ran an experiment with a few job postings and jobs were able to garner 500 clicks and 50 job postings in a single day!

Here's to better jobs for everyone!

If you've got anyone that wants to post a job, please let them know about our new job board.

We'd love to help great developers find great places to work!

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