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I'd like to start this post out with a sincere thank you to the entire community for visiting our site, commenting, joining the Slack channel, and reaching out.

Your support has been the sole reason has grown into what it is today.

Thanks for sticking around while we went through five site redesigns just so we could test out cool coding techniques. (That all flexbox website was an interesting experiment)

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    We have loved producing quality web development tutorials for the past three years and we're truly fueled by the community support. For those entire three years, Scotch has been a side project for myself, Nick, Holly, and Ado. We've had a blast writing articles in our spare time and seeing community feedback.

    We believe that there's a next step to the way we provide great code practices and tutorials. That next step is Scotch School.

    Scotch School is launching August 30th. Early enrollment ends August 26th.

    Scotch School Home Page

    Right now we're in an early-enrollment discount phase until this Friday. Think of this as the end to our own Kickstarter.

    Let's talk a little bit about what we plan to build with Scotch School. Oh and here's the raffle!

    The Raffle!

    Thanks for checking out Scotch School Early Enrollment. Without further ado, here's the raffle! We'll be giving away a lot of cool stuff so be sure to enter before Friday at 8pm.

    We're giving away:

    • 3-Month Scotch School Membership (5 Winners)
    • 1-Year Scotch School Membership (5 Winners)
    • Scotch Shirt (5 Winners)
    • Scotch Mug (5 Winners)
    • Set of 3 Scotch Stickers (5 Winners)

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Winners will be chosen and contacted Monday, August 29. Thanks for participating and good luck!

    What is Scotch School?

    Scotch School is going to be premium video courses.

    • Courses will have:
      • Video tutorials
      • Written content
      • Source code
      • Demos
    • Building beginner to advanced applications

    A lot of tutorials and courses on the web right now dump a lot of content on you but never fully explain. One of the big things we've tried to convey in our tutorials is that we understand what it's like trying to muddle through docs and countless Stack Overflow questions.

    How will Scotch School be different?

    Here's our top reasons why we think we can do better, and in turn, you can build some awesome stuff:

    • Straight to the point
    • Applications from scratch to production and deployment
    • Build like you would in the real world
    • Build apps that you'd be proud to put in your portfolio
    • Code challenges that are actually challenging

    Learn why certain choices were made. Not just what code or tool to use.

    Guided Paths

    One of the features we can't wait to get out the gate is guides. A lot of tutorial sites will drop you onto a page and not tell you what to actually learn.

    Should you learn web development or mobile? PHP or JavaScript? If JavaScript, should you pick Node, Angular 1 or 2, React, or Meteor? It's a great time to be a developer with all those choices. It can also be a confusing time though.

    We'll help put together personalized guides with subscribed users to find the right path to achieve their goals.

    What will you learn and build?

    We're going to break courses down into different categories:

    • Starter: Getting started courses to get your first work with a language/framework/tool
    • Theory: Looking over and analyzing code and talking through how things work
    • Practice: Building cool things! These will range from beginner to advanced level.

    Here's a list of the courses that will be available:

    Each course is full of information, code to peek through, challenges, and ready for you to build.

    Learn some great coding techniques and build some awesome apps/sites you can put in your portfolio.

    We've taken a lot of feedback from early subscribers and will be releasing a list of courses that are coming down the pipeline. We'll also be releasing on a weekly schedule to cover all the great content out there.

    Why early enrollment?

    You could call this our Kickstarter. We wanted to gauge interest and get some supporters to help build out an awesome learning platform.

    Early enrollment is 30%-50% off. Thank you to all the great site visitors!

    Early enrollment will close Friday, August 26 at 8pm PST.

    Scotch School will open up August 30!

    Can I see some samples?

    There will be free videos, previews, and you can visit the demos as soon as we launch!

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