Poll: What’s Your Favorite Blogging/writing Platform?

Chris Sevilleja
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ith 2016 here, I've heard a lot of people have either wanted to start blogging or start writing more. That's a great goal and you can count me in that camp. I hope to push out more great content here on Scotch.

We here at Scotch are curious about what's your favorite blogging/writing platform? (I personally like using Sublime Text to write out my posts).

We'd really love to hear why you've chosen that blogging platform in the comments?

Table of Contents

    • What drew you to it?
    • Do you like the simplicity and writing tools?
    • Do you like the community?
    • Do you write in Markdown?

    Also, leave definitely leave links to your blogs and a brief description so we can all click through and read some great content!

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