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New Webinar! Code+Compare React and Vue December 13

New Webinar! Code+Compare React and Vue December 13


We're starting up a new series of webinars that I think will be helpful for many people. Called Code+Compare, It's based on something that I do every time I think about a new project.

Code+Compare: We'll build a simple app in multiple libraries/frameworks to see which would be a better fit.


December 13, 11AM PST

It will be recorded and available to watch online after so no worries if you can't make that time.

Where online?


What we'll do

In this webinar, we'll be building an app in React and then Vue so that we can compare the two.

This will help us compare between React and Vue:

  • Starting a project
  • Creating components
  • Styling components

This isn't a bash session

I don't want to turn this into any kind of framework war. This is meant to help you use the right tool for your next project. There's pros and cons to each based on the project you want to build so I want to focus on that. Picking the right tool for the right job.


We'll see how well this Code+Compare format does. If it does well, we'll keep doing them and compare anything!

Let me know what you'd like to see out of this webinar in the comments. See you all online!

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