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New Report Reveals How 931 Web Development Agencies Collaborate with Clients

New Report Reveals How 931 Web Development Agencies Collaborate with Clients

Nearly 1.000 web development companies throughout the world and across industries have been surveyed to examine the state of client collaboration in web development. And some interesting insights have been uncovered. Not only how client communication and collaboration has changed in web development over the past few years. Also how it needs to change.

The State of Client Collaboration in Development & Design Survey Report explores the field of client work and how collaboration is evolving. state of client collaboration

Key findings on how client collaboration has changed

The findings released are filled with insights about how agencies and developers actually serve clients. The survey uncovered how client collaboration and communication has changed over the years, and how it still needs to change.

Full report available

You can donwload the entire report for free here.

If you do not have time to read the full survey report, make sure to check out my summary of the survey results below.

931 developers surveyed

In total 931 people participated in this survey on the state of client collaboration in development & design. Those participants are mainly working in web app development (62%), website design & development (54%).

Web development is going global

In the recent years, development trends have been changing radically. With new tools available, teams are no longer limited by geography. Instead development companies hire people, regardless of where they are located. The web development industry has become a global operation.

Turns out that it is not only a trend, but people and companies are more remote than ever before. global web development

How developers are winning the game?

So you might wonder. What are the key differentiators when clients choose the web developers and designers they want to partner with? According to 931 people participating in this survey, industry experience (69,2%) and positive reviews / referrals (64,2%) are the key here. key differentiators for web developers

Agile & scrum are here to stay

The survey also asked a lot of questions on how web development companies work and which methodologies they follow. With agile and scrum being the leading the methodologies, the traditional Waterfall only ranked 4th on the list. There is a clear trend towards lean approaches. agile web development

Scope creep & client communication are the biggest pains

I guess, we have all been there. And now we know that we are not alone. Scope creep (56,6%) and unclear client communication (52,3%) causes the biggest frustration among developers.

client communication pains

Used collaboration tools & preferred methods of communication

Personally, I like to keep my inbox clean and close to zero. And sure thing, I have been looking for ways to ditch email in my client communication. Well, looks like I have not been given the proper toolset yet. And besides me, there are a lot of other people too.

Email is still ranked as the #1 method of communication. Followed by Skype and face-to-face meetings. method of communication


I was surprised to learn that the majority of web development companies surveyed already focus on long-term partnerships as opposed to "build us a website"-type projects. There are a lot more super-interesting findings on how designers and developers collaborate with external clients.

And I recommend giving the study as a whole a read.

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