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Live Coding is Boring. Announcing Weekly Live Coding with Scotch.io!

Live Coding is Boring. Announcing Weekly Live Coding with Scotch.io!

Hello there. Chris Sevilleja, creator of Scotch.io here. I've been doing some reflecting on this past year and have found that I didn't create as much content (written and video) as I should have. I've also been getting questions from authors asking about my process in outlining/writing/recording/editing and all the things involved with creating content.

So I thought to myself, let's combine those two thoughts!

  • I need to force myself to be create more content
  • Show my creation process for writing and videos. I'm hoping it helps others to blog and screencast.

Weekly live-coding on Twitch will be starting next week, February 2019. The schedule is:

We'll write a Post and record a Screencast every Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 1:00pm PST on Twitch

If you've ever wondered about writing blog posts or wondered how to record a screencast, then you'll find these beneficial.

But Chris, you said live coding is boring?

I've been looking around at some live-coding examples and one thing always stuck out to me.

In live-coding, there's no set goal AND time limit.

Usually, you'll see someone set a goal and work towards it like Building XYZ. There won't be a set completion time or anything, which is completely fine. It leads to a bit of a limbo though since it becomes more of a hangout+code session.

I'm not knocking that format; it's a solid format. Many people like that hangout+code session since it's fun and friendly like you're hanging out in the same office and coding.

For our live-coding sessions, we'll be treating this more like coding challenges with a time limit.

The Format

Every session will have a goal: write a post and record a screencast.

Think of these live-coding sessions as more of a mini-webinar or a coding challenge than just live-coding.

Every live-coding session will have these stages:

  • Outlining
  • Creating a Demo App
  • Writing the Blog Post
  • Recording the Screencast
  • Editing the Screencast

All of the above within 2 hours (hopefully! 😀). Here's a sneak peek at what my Twitch overlay looks like. I want it to be clear what stage of the writing process we are in. We'll have checkboxes and a countdown timer.

Having that lower section where you can see progress should be good to give an idea of where we are in the stream.

What are the goals?

The initial goal for me was simple:

Write a post and record a screencast within 2 (maybe 3) hours.

From this initial goal, I hope to show a look at what it takes to write posts and record screencasts.

BIG GOAL: Get More Developers Making Blog Posts and Screencasts

I believe that every developer should write blog posts. This is for many reasons:

  • You'll gain a better understanding. Writing is one of the best ways to learn a topic.
  • If you had to learn something, you can bet someone else out there will benefit
  • Expressing yourself online is a great way to build your network
  • Blogging can be a great resume builder, just like your coding portfolio

Hopefully seeing this process will encourage those that are on the fence on writing/recording to make the jump!

What do you want to see?

These are just my initial thoughts. With your feedback from joining me in these live-coding sessions, we can grow these into whatever you want to see.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this format. Is this something you would tune in to see?

I'll see you all on Twitch!

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