Introducing The Auth0 Data Playbook

Prosper Otemuyiwa
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TLDR: Download the Data Playbook here!

The Auth0 Data Playbook

Individuals, startups, organizations, and all sorts of businesses are driven by data. Data is simply some existing information or knowledge that is represented in a form that can be processed or used to make better decisions.

Table of Contents

    Data is everywhere, but not many people know how to effectively collect, measure, report, analyze, and visualize it in ways that it can be used to make informed decisions.

    At Auth0, we help many organizations increase engagement on their platforms by providing a simple but effective login widget called Lock that enables users sign in effortlessly. We also help companies learn more about their customers by providing Profile Enhancement, Progressive Profiling, Behavioral Profiling, and Account Linking.

    Our Breached Password and Anomaly Detection system employs the use of collected and organized data to aid in the provision of such functionality.

    We wrote a handy playbook to expose you to the best practices involved in collecting, transforming, and visualizing your data.

    What You’ll Learn in the Auth0 Data Playbook

    Here is what you’ll find in the current version of the data playbook:

    • The essence of data
    • Properly collecting data
    • Information theory and why it is important
    • Statistical functions
    • Univariate/Bivariate/Multivariate Analysis
    • Data Visualization
    • Introduction to Machine Learning

    Some interesting examples you can find in the book are:

    • An example showing the application of multivariate analysis:

    Univariate, Bivariate & Multivariate Analysis

    • Graphical representations and analysis for Information Theory:

    Maximal information coefficient - Information Theory

    • And much more!

    We will iterate and provide additional insights on how to gather and handle data effectively in future releases of the playbook.

    Get It Now For Free

    Whether you are looking to grasp:

    • A subtle introduction to machine learning,
    • Data manipulation for increasing conversion rates,
    • Or data presentation in different and captivating ways.

    The Auth0 Data Playbook has got you covered!

    You can get the book for free just by spreading the word here.

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