Hiding Fields When Querying Laravel Eloquent Models

Chris Sevilleja
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When using Laravel's Eloquent to get data back from our database, sometimes we don't want to get certain information out of that call.

Why Would We Hide Attributes?

There are a few scenarios where this would be wanted. For instance, we don't want to get a password (hopefully hashed) out of our database and display that to users.

To Hide an Attribute

Hiding an attribute is a simple process. All the work is done when defining your Eloquent model.


class User extends Eloquent {

     protected $hidden = array('password', 'token');


Just like that, you won't have those fields come through when accessing your Eloquent models.


Route::get('users', function() {
     return User::all()->toArray();

Now the above code won't show off our secret password or token information. You probably wouldn't do the above code anyway, but it is just a good precaution to make sure that passwords don't accidentally get spit out to users in any way.

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