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GitHub Private Repos are Now Free and Unlimited

GitHub Private Repos are Now Free and Unlimited

This is some awesome news! GitHub has always had private repositories part of their paid subscription. I believe it was capped at a few free private repos and then you had to upgrade after three or so.

Now, free accounts can create private repos for freewith up to 3 collaborators!

GitHub then made the change to private repositories being a paid version. We even jumped to the paid plan for private repos after that change was made (although GitHub itself is totally worth the subscription).

Even before Microsoft bought GitHub, they've been making some impressive moves in a solid commitment to open source.

Between great tools like VS Code (my favorite editor) and all the great GitHub improvements since the purchase, Microsoft has come a long way from the closed corporation of the past.

My Take

I've been a Microsoft fan for a long time (Windows Phone!) It's good to see things like VS Code, GitHub, the great work with Windows Subsystem Linux, and the Surface lineup. I still can't get used to the current Macbook keyboards so I am sitting on the Windows side currently and it's good to see all the work Microsoft has put in for developers.

Does this change your mind about Microsoft?

What do you think of the new Microsoft? Did you move away from GitHub when they announced the purchase to Gitlab or Bitbucket? Does this change woo you back over?

Update January 8: Clarified the limits on free private repos. Can only do up to 3 collaborators

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