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CSS Scan: The Fastest Way to Inspect and Copy CSS

CSS Scan: The Fastest Way to Inspect and Copy CSS

CSS Scan is a super cool tool I've just learned about from Chris Nwamba. It allows you to inspect and copy CSS.

It's definitely the fastest way I've seen to copy CSS from a website.

You no longer have to open up DevTools and inspect element to see what styles are.

Quick Usage

To use the extension, you can try it out on the home page.

Hover over any element and you can immediately see its styles:

Click and you've got those styles in your clipboard ready for pasting:

It is a paid tool, but it's a 1-time lifetime payment. I'm all for supporting developers that make cool stuff so I'm on board. The website has a free demo you can check out: getcssscan.com.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Chrome extension is convenient and allows us to use a quick shortcut to start the extension:

# windows
ctrl + shift + s

# mac
cmd + shift + s

Get CSS Scan and start copying CSS!

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