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Announcing the Winners of our T-Shirt Giveaway

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in announcing the winners. We were working out international shipping and figuring out how much all that fun stuff is and we also got stickers in! We have our winners now though. We are overwhelmed by the response of our first giveaway and thank everyone that participated. Originally we were just going to give away 3 shirts, but we just got our first batch of stickers in so we’ll be giving away 7 pairs of those as well.

Here are the Winners!

Shirt Winners Martin (

@MJMarianetti) Mario (@MorsaPT) Wade (@iWader)

Sticker Winners Ben Kn (

@BigBLittleK) Edmeral Justin C (@conwaydev) Paul Manning Matthew Lucas Zach Boehm (@ZachBoehm) Douwe de Haan (@rddehaan) We’ll be contacting the winners via email so keep a look out for that. Congrats to everyone that won and thanks to everyone for supporting the site!

Chris Sevilleja

Co-founder of Slapping the keyboard until something good happens.