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Announcing SpudPress: Pain Free Static WordPress Hosting

Announcing SpudPress: Pain Free Static WordPress Hosting


Today we are happy to announce the official launch of SpudPress! SpudPress magically takes a snapshot of your website and creates an identical static copy to host instead.

So, have any of you...

  • Had a WordPress site get hacked because of some poorly-written plugin?
  • Had a WordPress site get hacked because of your WordPress being out-of-date due to an annoyingly and constantly updating core?
  • Had a WordPress site break all over the place because of a forced update by your managed hosting provider?
  • Had to painfully host and manage a hand-full of clients website at your agency or for your free-lance?
  • Had to worry about your WordPress site or MySQL database crashing because you finally made the front page of reddit with a ton of traffic?

Well, if you answered "yes" to any of these questions, SpudPress is for you.

Building WordPress with static in mind

It's without a doubt that static content management systems are the future of online content management. Static makes sense - plain and simple. It's faster, more secure, and cheaper.

WordPress can be awesome too though. Millions of people are familiar with it. The community is massive. The amount of help and plugins to make edits is easy. The amount of existing sites that still have to be maintained is massive.

SpudPress finds a happy medium to all this. We take your awesomely built WordPress site, secure it, scrape it, and re-host it effortlessly making it light-years faster than before. Plus, we offer both Git and FTP setups for deployments.


SpudPress is a Scotch and Dotsquare collaboration. For more information, please visit our website at SpudPress.com, email us at spudpress@spudpress.com, or follow us on Twitter @spudpress.

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